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We have over eight years of experience translating and proofreading for a wide variety of clients.

Our specializations are cultural, agri-food, business and technical-IT translations.

We also offer copy and creative writing services to promote your products.

Our team's working languages include Catalan, Spanish, English and French

as well as German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.


We offer translation,
and copy services.















CULTURAL Translati

Docs for museums, art galleries, cultural heritage, cultural symposiums and colloquia, anthropological studies,

cultural organizations and institutions.


My training in linguistic anthropology has allowed me to specialize in cultural translation.

With the aim of building bridges between cultures and bringing people together, we work with the delicacy that this specialization requires. We ensure the understanding of the message in the target culture through localization techniques, and taking care of all the nuances to present the necessary context in each situation.

Promotion of food products, translation of food labels and packaging, product cards, restaurant menus,

brochures and promotional messages, export and import, market expansion.


More than ingredients and allergens lists:

The agri-food sector is based on strict regulations that vary from country to country and do not have room for errors: information must be available to the end consumer, accurately and reliably.


More than restaurant menus:

In a global world, we must take care of the multiculturality of our end customer. Both in exports and in menus, we take care of every detail so that the richness of the product transcends borders.


More than culinary terminology:

Inside agri-food translation, we can find technical, promotional (marketing) and economic (import and export, permits, etc.) texts.


Do you want to expand your products market? We will make sure that your product's flavor reaches far.


AGRI-FOOD Translation


BUSINESS Translation

Brochures for trade fairs, catalogs for distribution, TV and print ads, social media content, commercial contracts, websites.

Globalization is opening the global market to local companies. Therefore, in our marketing translations, we apply cultural (localization) and linguistic adaptation skills.

In business and marketing texts, it is important to understand the final culture, working with expert professionals to convey the emotions linked to the messages. We work to get the message across, being faithful to the register and the original text, always complying with the regulations and cultural expectations of the target country.


We also pay special attention to the SEO adaptation of the messages, working with creativity, clarity and efficiency.

Industrial machinery manuals, chemical, textile, environmental reports, automotive-related documents,

IT (software, hardware, websites), user guides.


Technical translation leaves no room for originality. It requires precision and meticulous work to translate specific terminology and technical terms clearly and objectively.


For this reason, we rely on specialists in each sector who are thoroughly documented for each assignment, trained in updates and developments in the field to avoid inaccuracies and to guarantee the fidelity of the original.


TECHNICAL - IT Translation

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