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International consultancy

To launch your product in another country,

To ensure the success of your negotiations,

or to organize international events.


We are linguistic anthropologists with extended experience in high-level international events.


International consulting is a holistic tailor-made service.

Translations, marketing, and the organization of international conferences.

We will take care of every detail to make your attendees feel at home.


Among the working languages (and cultures) of our team you will find

Catalan, Spanish, English and French as well as German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.




Do you want to open a business in Catalonia? Do you comply with the current language legislation?


According to Law 1/1998 of January 7, 1998, all businesses in Catalonia must comply with minimum language requirements.
Failing to do so can be prosecuted.


Through a language consultancy, we will analyze and adapt business materials (websites, posters, letters, menus, contracts and documents) to integrate the current regulations and improve the B2C experience.


Check if your company complies with the requirements of the Law.

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